Blue Cool™ - Premium Pet Cooling Mat
Blue Cool™ - Premium Pet Cooling Mat
Blue Cool™ - Premium Pet Cooling Mat
Blue Cool™ - Premium Pet Cooling Mat
Blue Cool™ - Premium Pet Cooling Mat
Blue Cool™ - Premium Pet Cooling Mat

Blue Cool™ - Premium Pet Cooling Mat

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Keep your pet cool and comfortable!

Is your dog panting all the time? Or is your cat always lying on different spots of your marble floor?

They do that because they feel hot. If you observe closely, you'll notice that they do this especially during the hot summer days. Poor babies! 

But we have good news- you can ease their suffering! 

Our Blue Cool™ - Pet Cooling Mat contains a pressure-activated cooling gel keeps pets comfortable. There's no need to freeze or chill the mat. 

It works by absorbing the heat from your pet's body. Once the heat is absorbed, it is transferred throughout the entire gel in the mat. The heat is then spread out and dissipated, leaving your furry buddy feeling cool and cozy. 


✔ Pressure-activated cooling gels to keep your pet cool all day.

✔ Treasured by both cats and dogs. 

✔ Can be easily placed in your pet's favorite bed.

✔ Serves as extra comfort for pets with joint pain.

✔ Lightweight and portable, for indoor and outdoor use.

✔ Uses safe, non-toxic gel.

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